What is dark web website ? Is it safe to access

Dark Web- –  Dark Web is basically that website that Google cannot crawl.


As you know Google knows everything. Google knows your best food, your hubby, your bad habit almost everything. Google is tracking us, So Google has all your data. In my thinking in your upcoming future, Google has the capability to know you more than you. Because we are being modernized and every minute and second we cannot leave without mobiles, computer or technical things. We are totally depending on them.


Not let’s come to the main point. You may be thinking why I’m telling this all things. Because it is important to know if you want to know about the Dark web. We think Google can track your all activity what you are visiting on the internet. But  Google cannot crawl on the dark website.

Why Google Cannnot Crawl Dark Web:

You may know Google can crawl any website but no. Google cannot crawl the dark website. Then you nay thinking or asking why? Because the dark web is hidden and they all the dark web has their unique URL.


One most interesting thing you may not know. On the whole internet, there are 4.5 billion websites that Google can crawl. But it is just only less than one percent of the whole internet. So now you may think about how big is dark web which we can not access. And one main point of the dark web is a collection of an important secret government document and criminal activity.

Explanation of Dark Web:

As you can also see in the above picture there are three layers on the internet. World Wide Web(www), Deep Web. Dark Web. World Wide Web which Google can access. But Google cannot access the Deep Web and Dark Web. If you are thinking you can access any website using Google or the internet. Actually, that is not true. The truth is we just can visit or crawl less than 4% of the whole internet and 96% of the internet cannot access or crawl easily.

Among all website which Google can crawl 36% of Websites are registered as a Porn site. From this, we can say that Porn Websites are increasing day by day rapidly.

Deep Web is also one part of the internet that we cannot access easily. Deep Web contains all the secret files and document of a different country. There are many secret files with many different countries which the country cannot want to bring or share that information to others. So such type or important document are hidden in Deep Web. Only people who have URL of that site can access that site otherwise no one can access or crawl these secret files and document from Deep Web. Secret missen files, Government documents, and other secret things are hidden inside Deep Web, which we cannot access and Google cannot crawl.


Dark Web- One of the most creepy places on the whole internet is Dark Web. The dark web can be called one market place for criminal activity. In this web, all illegal activities are dome here.  An activity like Heat Man Haring, Hacking, Cracking, Child Pornography, Buying and selling a drug, live video of killing people, etc. All illegal activity is done here. All the monetary transaction are done in Cryptocurrency, the main purpose of using Cryptocurrency while buying some goods from Dark Web is so that the Government cannot tract them or Cryptocurrency can be sent or receive from any place without any permission.

Dark Web or Dark Net is the creepiest place on the whole internet.

Is it safe to visit or Crawl Dark Web:

When you know about dark web or Deep Web then you may think why not I try to crawl or access these sites. As a human, we have excitement to know about new things. But before you try to access the dark web you should have to hide your identity or you should be anonymous. If you have low security and somehow you lick your identity then that may be one horror dream for you. Because there is an expert hacker who can track you if you lick your identity in the dark web.

I do not recommend you to visit the dark website. Because they are too creepy and another important thing is if you lick your identity there you may have to face great trouble. If you heat crime and illegal activity then do not visit these creepy places. There are many videos and pictures which may be not suitable for common people. So be aware and do not visit the dark web.

How to access or crawl Dark Web:

This question may arise in your mind now if you really want to visit the dark web then you need one special browser called Tor. But to know how to download and what is the important thing you should have to do visiting the dark web you should have to read the below post.

How to fix Google AdSense ads.txt error

Note: I do not prefer any illegal activity. And this is just for education purposes. I’m not responsible if you face trouble if you visit the Dark web without proper knowledge.




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