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screen mirroring android or iPhone to PC

Screen mirroring application for both Android and iPhone, with compatible for Window and Mac. With Android and tablets running 5.0 or above that support chromecast user, can install this app in your Android or iPhone because these apps support both device and compatible for Window and Mac. 

screen mirroring to Pc

You may be thinking about which app or software I’m promoting. Actually, I’m not promoting any software.  I’m just sharing my experience to you and why I liked this app and recommending you to use this app to Screen Mirroring to PC from android/iPhone. It has many features than your thought. You may have to face lag problem while screen mirroring from Android and some screen mirroring apps is not capable to record streaming audio. Mostly these apps are used for presentation. But using this app you can display your gameplay in PC and also stream to YouTube and other platforms. 

So let’s come to the point there are different apps and software available on internet same like ApowerMirror . But all are just a waste of time and among some of them are good but other just a waste of time. Even they work but not perfectly. You should have to face the problem and again have to search for another but today I’m talking about ApowerMiroring . You can even search and watch videos on YouTube too if you have no trust in me.  
Download Now: ApowerMirror
Before downloading do not forgot to read it features and full procedure to install and solution of some problems which you may have to face if you do not read this post properly.

The feature of ApowerMirror:
  • Mostly Screen Mirroring software does not support all platforms. But It is capable of supporting Android, iPhone and Window and Mac too.
  • You need a mobile or tablet with android version 5.1 or above. Before installing cheque your specimen once.
  • It supports video, photo and other media. It supports game to you can cast your gameplay in a bigger screen with high-quality video support.
  • It allows you to control your Android or iPhone from PC.  Easy manipulate phone screen from mouse and keyboard. For a gamer, you can play gamer you can play any android and ios game from mouse and keyboard control.
  • ApowerMirror can be used in different place for different purpose like house, office, school.
How To Screen Mirror To PC From Android/iPhone using ApowerMirror:
  • First Download ApowerMirror it is available for all platforms.
  •  Install it you should have to download in both platforms like if you want to mirror Android to PC. Download in both and install. Now I’m showing to mirror the android screen to PC. You can follow the same process for iPhone too.
  • For iPhone download this app from AppStore.
  • After installing the open app. 

  • Connect both devices in the same Wifi. Then click the middle button shown in the figure below. After doing this first open this software in your PC too. 

  • Now the search is going on. When it detects your PC then click connect.

  • Then click phone mirroring and allow permission which is asked by the app.
  • Now successfully your phone is mirroring in PC. You can see the picture below too.


PC Screen
Phone Screen

During mirroring you may have to face following problem. Do not forget to read.

If you think my post is helpful then do not forget to leave your comment. You can follow me on social media and ask help if you face any problem. I will be available 24hr for your help. 

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