Screen mirror android/iPhone to PC using USB

Screen mirror android/iPhone to PC using USB:

Screen mirroring application for both Android and iPhone, with compatible for Window and Mac. With Android and tablets running 5.0 or above that support chromecast user, can install this app called ApowerMirror
ApowerMirror is the best apps to mirror your screen on any platform. If you have not read about why ApowerMirror is best for screen mirror then you should have to read my previous post. Where I have details explained about feature of this app to mirror your screen and even gameplay in the big screen. You can mirror your gameplay in your PC and stream to YouTube and other platforms too. But here we are not talking about those topics, So if you want to read then click below link. You should have to read that post first, which make you understand this post easily.

Screen Mirror from android/iPhone to PC – ApowerMirror:

So without delay let’s go to our topic.

Screen Mirror Android/iPhone Using USB:
First, install ApowerMirror in both devices from this link . Then follow below process one by one to screen mirror android/iPhone to PC using USB.
  • Open the app in both devices.

  • Click that middle button which is indicated below in picture too.


  • Click on USB and click open USB debugging.
  • Then enable developer option and enable USB debugging too.


  • Then your connection starts with PC.


  • So, now you are connected to PC and your android screen is mirroring in Pc.
screen in android/iPhone
Screen in PC


Do not forget to read the following post. So you do have to face any problem during screen mirror android/iPhone to PC using USB. If you face any problem then do not forget to comment in the comment box. 

Screen Mirroring to PC from android/iPhone -ApowerMirror



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