Huawei mobile ponder switching brand after Google News.

London / Mumbai: Time to leave Huawei phone? That was that some owners have questioned that the US Titanic Google said it would threaten the use of the future by suspending its business with China’s top mobile manufacturer, Gmail, YouTube and Chrome.

Google said on Monday Monday that the US President Donald Trump comply with an order to prevent Hawwawei supplies, which means it will no longer be able to offer its popular Android applications to new customers.

Order of US companies can affect millions of consumers in Europe, its largest market outside the mainland China.

“I am completely astonished,” said Leu Angelaica, the new owner WeiP Smart +’s Dutch owner contacted Reuters London, after Google News. He was considering “already saving” for a rival model.

The tramp’s move, China, has asked China to move into anxieties with anxiety concern, a single blow, and its ambition did not win the world as the world’s largest phone maker.

“I like the phone phone so much – I’m afraid to buy another phone,” said Anonbayee, who bought his hefty Y7 for $ 180 two weeks before.

“The next one will be another cost for me to replace a replacement.” Rather, the voyage should come in a way whose current Huawei users can enable their phone to change free, “he said.

The economy emerging as Kenya is important for Hawwa’s ambitions because it seeks to sell less than medium-low handsets outside China. India, where happened, now only is a single-market market share, it is probably important.

Sameet Lalpuri, 46, a businessman of Mumbai, said, “My mind was already in two minds to buy my phone,” who was still presenting his existing P30 brand.

“Now if Google is not available for HyVi phones, applications like Google Play or YouTube do not want to buy the phone for at least,” he said.

Manish Khatri, owner of a smartphone shop in Mumbai, says India’s financial hub, some customers were searching for a heavy phone. “Now Google has a limited connection with Huawei to decide if I will give other smartphone brands like Samsung or Apple.”

Users “Pain”

On Monday, Having said, “It will continue to provide security updates and services for smartphones and tablets that have already been sold.

And a team working on the Android operating system will allow voice users to comply with this US requirements in their Twitter @ Android account, “Services like Google Play and Safety, Google Play Protect will be available on your existing audio device.”

Answers in Twitter are worried about frustration.

“So, due to the laws of America, are you really punishing and punishing millions of international users?” Referring to the opening source enthusiast in Twitter, Ania K. @ kuleczka1983 wrote: “I am very worried … I’m the owner of a P30 pro.”

Neither the user can arrive immediately for comments.

Networks with mobile line contractors for phone and data, on the other hand, the phone operators tie up on their networks were also determined to determine the effectiveness of their business by Google’s decision.

“We are reviewing the details of executive order to understand any potential impact for our customers,” the Spanish telescope, Europe’s third largest mobile operator in Europe.

Hutchison’s British network operator told three clients that Huawei’s route and equipment would continue to work, but it was looking for more information.

“We have been in the conversation with this, and we will soon be able to add”, explained in the firm.

Huawei, which is a global leader in telecommunication networking equipment, took a long run with the United States of America in the safety of its systems and equipment.

The American administration has said China could be used by China for the equipment of Haven’s armies, and Washington pressured its affiliates to use other suppliers. Howaway declined American charges.

Hwen Thi founder and chief executive, Ryan Zhengfei, before announcing to Google on Saturday, had said that the development of Chinese Tech Vacancies could be “delayed, but only a few” because of recent American operations.



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