How to write emoji on your PC in Windows 10

Emoji on PC in Window 10 is now finally available in Window 10. In the recent update of Windows 10 in 2019 have bought a new feature. Which is one important update also because people are using emoji more rather than message text. Emoji is available on android but not in pc. But this feature is available in Windows 10 and emoji lovers can use emoji as their like without any software and keyboards.

Emoji on PC in Windows 10 is available but most people are unknown about it.  And how to activate this feature emoji feature in Windows. So have shown all the process one by one with a clear picture.

Basically, people are crazier on emoji then text message.  After the invention of emoji from there, people start to express their feeling through emoji. The text message has the capability to send information from one place or from one people to another. But the text message cannot show people feeling. As the text message does not show people feeling in that text, For example, what sender is feeling. Let’s suppose If I get heart from someone saying then I will send sad emoji 😍😘 umm just kidding that is not sad emoji these are  😢😭😟😞😓☹😥. Now receiver will think I become sad from his/her saying. So emoji is much more easy to understand than the text message. So that emojis are used more than the text message.

How to write emoji on your PC in Windows 10

Emoji on Pc have now solved problems of emoji lovers and social media user those who want to show feeling and chat using emojis.  To activate this feature in your computer, you need the latest version of Windows  10. Fore that

  • Search for Windows Update in the search bar and open Windows Update tab.

  • Click Update to update your windows to the latest version.

write emoji in window 10

After you finish update your computer then it is just a simple step to activate emoji in PC. Now click (win + .) or ( win + 😉  . Now you have activated emoji in windows 10. 🙌  Now you can add emoji as your like in any social media to all document.

write emoji in windows 10

There is also another way you can dring this emoji pup up. In any text box just click Right Button. There you can see the emoji option.

write emoji in window 10

Now, use emoji as much as you can. Follow all the steps one by one and do not forget to update your computer. Still, if you face any problem then do not hesitate to comment on your problem below as well as feedback so that we can improve ourselves and provide you best and helpful content. And do not forget to share this to all emoji love who are using PC and do not have knowledge of this.



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