How to partition a hard drive

Hard Drive one of the important part of the computer. Hard Drive is used to store files and folders. We can use Hard Drive for different purpose according to your use.

Today we will see how to partition a hard drive. Sometimes we have to partition hard drive for some purpose. We basically partition a hard drive to install two Operating System in the same Pc or some time for some reason. But basically, those people who use pc for the basic purpose they do not partition a hard drive.

And I want to warn you if you are going to partition of a hard drive then please do not forget to keep back up of your file. In some cases, there may be a little chance of losing files in this process.

Below I have shown you all process, each stape one by one with a screenshot. Please follow all the process as shown:

How to partition a hard drive

  • Again I want to remember you. Do not forget to make back up of your files which are located in the drive which you are going to partition.
  • Go to desktop right click on “My PC”. Then click ” Manage”.

  • Computer Management tab will open. After that click ” Device Management”.

  • Then you can see all the hard drive available in your PC. Then select which drive you want to partition. One most important thing you should have to keep in mind before partition check if there is available of free space in that device or not.

  • Select the hard device which you want to partition and right click mouse button. Then some options will appear then you need to select shrink volume.

  • Select how much space you want to partition from that device. Keep in mind that do not select more than the volume of that hard drive which you are going to partition.  For partition, you need to select space in MB. If you have no knowledge of MB and GB then you can search in Google ” MB to GB converter”. And click the shrink button.

Do not forget to read:


  • Now your new space shrinks from that hard drive but that space is unallocated. Now we need to allocate that space and make a new drive for storage.

  • Click that unallocated space and right click mouse button. Then click “New Simple Volume”.

  • New Simple Volume appears then simply click the ” Next” button.

  • Here you can see the space which you have selected. Here you should have to do anything just click ” Next” button.

  • After you click next button then you need to select the name of that newly partition device. I have selected drive “H” you can select as you like and again click ” Next” button.

  • This is also one important setting. So set all setting as shone in the figure.

–   File System: NTFS

–    Allocated units Size: Default

–  Volume Lable: New Volume

when you set all setting as above then click “Next” Button.

  • You have successfully completed the New Simple Volume. Simple here you have to do nothing just click the “Finish” button.

  • You have successfully partition your hard drive. Now you have the new drive. In my cases, I have created a new Volume named “H”.

  • Go to my PC  where you can see the new drive which you have just partition from another device.

I think you also have successfully the new partition of a hard drive.  It is simple to partition of a hard drive and create a new drive. If you face any problem then comment below I will so pleased to help you. You can visit and follow on my social media and ask for help too.




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