How to fix Google AdSense ads.txt error


Let me start my experience in ads.txt error in Google Adsense. I come to know about this error last week. Then I research about this problem and come to the conclusion about this error in Adsense. So I’m writing this post to solve your problem and to share my experience.

Why are you seeing this error?

Google AdSense provides ads to publishers to monetize their content. I think Google Adsense is one main source of income for the content creators. Google has to make a good ecosystem between Advertising companies and publishers. As you know Google keeps on updating it’s a feature and making these policies strict. There is no advertising platform that has the capacity to give high income to publishers.

So recently Google and advertising companies held the meeting. From there Google changes its policy and make the requirement to all Publishers to create the ads.txt file.

Here is some ads.txt file for your reference:



How to fix if you are  using Google Adsense:

If you are facing the same problem or you have use Google Adsense ads then you should have to make immediate changes in your site. Otherwise, Google will stop providing you ads on your website. I will show you how to solve this in blogger. come and in WordPress too.

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ScreenShot of ads.txt error:

Now let’s come to the main point.

How to fix Google Adsense ads.txt error:

To fix this error you need to add the ads.txt file. You just need one line of code to be added to your website.

COPY THIS CODE:, pub-0000000000000000, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0

How to fix ads.txt error on WordPress:

In WordPress, you just need to install one plugin.

  • Open your WordPress Sites
  • Go to plugin and go for add new plugins.
  • Search ads.txt Manager and install and activate this plugin.

  • Go to setting and you will see ads.txt new uption there.

  • Click ads.txt and pest the code which you have copied above and do not forget to change publisher id. You can see in the below image too you should have to copy the above code and pest your publisher id.

  • Do not change anything just pest your publisher id and save it.

After 24 hours Google will automatically remove that error from Adsense. After that, you can check your ads.txt file by:

  • yoursitename/ads.txt

How to fix ads.txt error in blogger:

To fix this error in blogger. You need to copy the above code and pest in custom  ads.txt.

  • Open your blogger dashboard.
  • Go to the setting.
  • Go to search preferences.
  • Go to Monitorization and in custom ads.txt.
  • I have already told you how to change your publisher id to the same process and pest that code there.

After 24 hours Google will automatically remove that error from the Adsense dashboard and that it now you and your website is safe.



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