How to download any video from any site

The Internet can be defined as a connection between one or more computer to share information. But today the internet is one of the most important parts of your daily life. We cannot imagine our life without the internet.

In this modern age, almost any work can be done on the internet.  Some people mostly watch films and videos. But if you want to download videos from any site then you may have to face different problems. Because all site does not allow you to download videos. In youtube, you can save videos offline but you cannot download the video without Youtube video converter.

Downloading videos from Youtube is easy but there are many social sites and website where downloading videos is strictly prohibited in these cases you need special software.

You can download videos from:

  • YouTube
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Reddit
  • Tweeter
  • from all site

I have not listed all the above because it can download videos from almost all site. So without delay lets to our main topic.

Today I’m talking about Internet Downloader Manager. Internet Downloader Manager can download videos from any site. And one most interesting thing about it is it is totally free.

If you are watching videos online from movies sites or from other sites then you can download videos from any movies site and store in your PC. Or if you like some videos on Instagram then you can download directly. If you are thinking you know downloading software name and skip this post then You will face a problem because you may think to download Internet Downloader Manager and start downloading videos.


there are a lot more thing to activate it. So please follow all process one by one.

How to download any video from any site

  • Download Internet Downloader Manager (Click Here).
  • After download installs it.
  • Installation is very simple.

– Accept all terms and Condition

– Choose where you want to store its file and simply click install.

  • If your installation is complete then below pop up will appear. In this pop-up tab, there is a process to add Internet Downloader Manager extension in your browser. Now let’s add the extension in our browser.


  • To add Internet Downloader Manager extension, Click that three down button and click More setting and extension. As show below.

  • Enable extension. Now Internet Downloader Manager extension is successfully added to our browser.

  • Now you can download any videos from any site. But something even Internet Downloader Manager extension was enabled in your browser but it does not work. For that just close your browser and open it again. Then you will start to see download video pop-up like as below in every site where the video is available.

  • You may be thinking what about other browsers. Then I have given you screen-shot of how you can add an extension of Internet Downloader Manager. All the process are the same as like in Chrome.

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  • Now you can download any video in high quality from any site.


So if you have any problem then do not forget to leave your comment. I will be glad to help you and if you like my Post then you can follow me on my social media too.



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