How to activate window 10/8/7 free


I’m not talking about windows what you are thinking about. haha ………

I’m just kidding do you know which is the first window developed and when? Windows 1.0 was the first window developed by Microsoft on November 20, 1985. Since 1985 Microsoft is updating and introducing new windows in the market. Today people mostly use Window 10, Window 8, Window 7 mostly and Window 11 is almost ready for release in the market.

So the new window keeps on coming with a lot of new features and advances modification than previous Windows. Microsoft is earning a lot from these windows and it is in the top company of the word.

Those people who have money to buy the windows buy and use but all people have that much money like me. We should have to do some settings to use them. But it is not a safe way to use a window. I recommended you to buy a window because if you buy a window then you will be protected from hackers and spammers. And do not use any cracked software. Those who crack software mostly try to attach some virus which may harm your computer.

This is just for education purposes. And this works almost on all computers. Below I have shown you all process one by one follow all the process carefully. And I’m sure that this trick works 100%. You will be able to use Windows 7/8/10  free of cust and you will be free of Window activation problems.

How to activate window 10/8/7 free

  • To activate windows for free.  We have to do some cmd settings.
  • CLICK HERE, after you click. You will be redirected to the new tap.

  • Copy all code properly and pest it in notepad.

  • After that Click file and save as

  • Then save the text file as ” window.cmd”. And one most important thing you all should have to care about. Do not forget to put .cmd after window while saving the file. As given is the below figure.

  • Now go to the file where you have save that file and do not open it.
  • First right click the mouse and there you will see ” Run as administrative” option click it.

  • Then you will see like below picture. Just wait for a few minutes it will automatically activate your window.

  • When you see Product activate successfully message. Your window is activate now.

This is 100 % working method which I have shared with you. So if you like my post then do not forget to share this post and help others to activate Window 10 free.



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