C program to convert lowercase to uppercase / String Function

Today, we will learn ” C program to convert lowercase to upper case” using string function. So first let me define “String” or “String Function”.

String is a collection of character or group of character, it is achieve in C language by using array character. String are always enclosed within double quotes. Whereas, character is enclosed within single quotes in C.

Note: If you are just beginner or just have started learning C programming then I recommended you to visit below topics or lesson .  I have explain  each and every topics is detail with example too.

* Switch Cases
* Looping or Loop
* Array and Type’s

So without delay let’s move to programming.

C Program To CONVERT Lower Case To Upper Case

 char string1[30];
 printf("n Enter any word:");
 printf("n Upper case is %s",string1);


In Upper Case 

So this is our result above . I think you have understand programming. If not, then do’t worry I’am here . In above programming we have declare char to store words or even sentence from user . Then ask use to enter string and store that words or sentence and store that given value in “string1” . Then simply using “strupr” pre-defined function we convert lower case to upper case in string.


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