C program to add two number using function

So today we will learn¬†“C program to add two number using string function”¬†. First let me define “function” . If you want to learn about function then CLICK HERE .

If you are beginner in programming then visit following topics . Which help you to understand below program.

Switch Cases
Array and Types

A function is a group of statement that together performs a specific task. So this is just a simple definition of the function .

Advantage of Function:

–¬† Code Re-usability.
–¬† Develop an application in module format.
–¬† Easy to debug the program.
–¬† Code optimization.
–¬† Code is easy to read.

So without delay let’s go programming.

C Program To Add Two Number Using String Function
void sum(); //declaring a function
 int a,b;
 printf("n Enter a number:");
 printf("n Enter a number:");
 sum();  //calling function getch(); 
void sum()  // defining functionint 
 int a,b,c=0;
 printf("n Sum:%d",c);




Enter number:10
Enter number:20

In the above program, we have just solved the simple problem to “C program to add two number using the function”.¬†If you are getinnen then you may have one question i.e¬† What is going?

So I’m here to make you understand every program. In the program, we have solved to add number using the function . So we need to define return type function in the header . Then, as usual, taking an integer and ask the user to enter numbers. In this function we have use calling function i,e “sum()” . So which is used to print values when we return value from defining the function . Now we define defining a function and perform all mathematical operation and return value to calling function and print value as output .

Concept of function,function definition, function prototype

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You can solve this problem in this way too. Which give same result .

 C Program To Add Integer Using Function 


int sum(int);
 int n,c;
 printf("n Enter number:");
int sum(int n)
 int sum=0;
 for(int i=1;i<n;i++)

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