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“Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow. The important thing is not to stop questioning.”


My name is Manish Gautam. I’m 18 years old and I’m studying for my bleacher level at Noble College.

I’m studying BCA and I have different programming language knowledge like C, C++, JAVA, HTML, CSS. 

When I was in class 5 in my school where I get some knowledge about computer and from that day I’m very interested in computer and mostly programming. In my school level there I have just learned how to open and close the computer because in that period computer is not available in all the places and in my school there is just 5 computer which we should have to use turn by turn. 


Now I have a good knowledge of computer. I want to be a good programmer. I have a hubby to learn all the computer programming language and to become one professional web developer. When I have first study C-programming in by college level I feel so difficulty and my teacher says programming is so simple you just have to give little beat attention and do some handwork, From that day I started to learn program myself. Then now programming is so simple for me. I just want to say that while you are just beginner in this field do not be panic and do your best. You can be your own boss when you have programming knowledge because in this rapidly developing world all things are connected to the internet and they need to be properly programmed to do their work. There will be a high demand for the program in the upcoming future.


Developer: an organism that turns coffee into code.

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